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About Us

At Saunas and More we believe your home should also be your sanctuary.

In Finland and people have known for centuries about the numerous benefits for the body and mind of regular sessions in a Sauna. And it is now more affordable and easy than ever to bring health, vitality and relaxation into the comfort and security of your own home

We are a specialist online retailer, providing the highest quality home Saunas and other related products, sourced exclusively from the US and Canada. We deliver direct to your home, at the lowest prices.

And we are very selective about which brands we list on the store.

With the huge growth of online shopping in recent years, it seems like there are now an endless number of online stores where you can buy just about anything.

Sure, it's nice to have all that flexibility, but too much choice, unreliable or inaccurate information, poor quality products and unhelpful or non-existent customer service can all lead to frustration and disappointment.

At Saunas and More we want to change that, by giving you, the customer, a rewarding and satisfying experience from the moment you visit our site to the moment your product arrives.


  • To remove the overwhelm and simplify the buying experience
  • To provide personalized, expert support and guidance throughout the buying journey
  • To offer products sourced only from the US & Canada, from long established manufacturers who use the best materials and the finest workmanship


Take a look around the site, and if you have any questions about anything, we're here to help. We love questions!

If you want to learn more about our Founder and CEO's story and how he came to create Saunas and More, take a look at the Founder's Story section.

(Operated through Aspire Services LLC, Wyoming United States)