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The Ultimate Guide to Saunas: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying A Home Sauna

Lady in a sauna in white swimsuit

[Last Updated: Dec 15th 2022] 

When we think about relaxation, our minds almost immediately think about enjoying some time at the spa. And what is a spa day without a sauna?

If you want to make relaxation and healthy living part of your daily routine, Saunas And More can bring the spa to you with your own home sauna. Buying a sauna for the home is not only a lot easier than you may think, but also brings numerous benefits! When weighing the home sauna cost versus its advantages, you will find it is definitely a worthy investment.

This guide will reveal everything you need to know about saunas, from their types to their benefits, costs, kit assembly, and much more, so keep on reading! 

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Why Does Your Home Need a Sauna?

Lady wearing white towel sitting in sauna

Source: Pixabay

There are many proven sauna benefits.

The therapeutic role of sweating has been recognized for many years. Even the Mayans took advantage of its benefits and used sweat rooms thousands of years ago. 1 in 3 Finns utilize saunas today, and they have been continuously used in Finland for thousands of years. It's estimated that there are more than a million saunas in the United States alone.

Firstly, there is a social benefit. After a long day at work, why not invite a couple of friends over to enjoy a relaxing sauna and a catch-up at the same time?

A sauna can also be a romantic place to share a special moment with your significant other. And, while you and your loved one relax and enjoy each other’s company, you are also reaping multiple health benefits.

What are the Benefits of a Sauna?

1. Saunas Improve General Health and Well-Being

Saunas have a lot of research backing up their benefits for health, from mental health due to reducing stress, to heart disease and pain relief.

In a 2019 study, researchers found that continuous therapy in a traditional sauna is an effective alternative therapy for reducing lower back pain. It is a viable option for pain physicians to recommend for patients who are in pain, either on its own or alongside other forms of therapy.

One all-male Finnish study found that using a sauna may prolong life expectancy, significantly lowering the risk of dying from heart disease. And that two to three sauna uses per week reduced the risk of sudden cardiac failure in participants by 22% compared to one visit per week. And even four to seven sauna sessions per week reduced the risk of a sudden heart attack by 63% and the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by half, compared to just one session per week.

On top of the numerous physical health benefits, the relaxing properties of enjoying some time alone or with loved ones in a home sauna have a positive impact on mental health, reducing stress levels and creating a safe space for detaching from the problems of the outside world.

Given all the research-backed sauna benefits, it is no surprise that there are now Medical Saunas designed by doctors based on medical research. Buying a sauna for the home can become part of your prophylactic or healing journey.

2. Relaxation

Besides reducing the risk of health issues, saunas provide a nice ritual for anyone looking to relax and enjoy some time for themselves as a form of self-care.

Your body's reaction to the heat may make you more attentive, less susceptible to pain, and possibly even happier. The heat relaxes your muscles, especially those in your neck and head, muscles that are usually sore after a long day. The relaxing effects of a sauna are among its key benefits. Because the body becomes more relaxed, it can also be a good opportunity to practice meditation, as your mind is more open, and you can feel more in touch with your emotions.

If you are someone who practices a sport, saunas are especially good for relaxing the muscles after heavy exercise. Even if you only work out occasionally, or had a particularly physically draining day around the house or at work, jumping in the sauna can do wonders for your muscles.

Or, better yet, you can work out directly in the sauna, if you opt for a hot yoga sauna in your home.

3. Better Skin

Sweating causes more oxygen and nutrients to resurface on the skin. Consequently, this triggers skin cell regeneration, which helps you achieve healthier-looking skin. This method also helps to naturally moisturize your body and face without using harmful or clog-causing chemicals.

As we become older, treating aging symptoms becomes our primary focus instead of treating acne. The decrease in skin elasticity is one of the most obvious indications of aging. Collagen, which our bodies naturally make, is what gives us our plumpness. Our bodies, however, produce it slower and slower as we become older.

Sweating while in the sauna stimulates the body to produce more collagen. Due to the sauna's temperature, you can also gain from the clearance of dead skin cells. 

4. Detoxification

Detoxification is the procedure by which an organism removes bioaccumulated toxins from its system by excreting them through its muscles, tissue, and organs. Although the sauna is not a detoxifier in itself, it does assist in the elimination of toxins through perspiration through the skin.

Two toxins that studies have shown can be eliminated naturally through sweating:

Furthermore, as shown in a research study during which they analyzed the 3 primary fluids (blood, sweat, and urine) via which the system releases its toxins, they’ve identified considerably larger quantities of bio-accumulated toxic components in sweat than in urine.

Different Types of Home Saunas

Lady in black swimsuit walking out of a sauna through glass door

Source: Freepik

When buying a sauna for the home, it’s important to know about the different types of saunas for you to make an informed decision. We have prepared a list of different saunas and their particularities, in order to ease the process for you!

1. Traditional Saunas

A traditional sauna is heated by a single heater that has rocks on top, which can be either electric or wood burning. You throw water over the heated rocks to produce steam, which heats the inside of the sauna

The traditional sauna also brings an added aesthetic benefit. They are what everyone pictures when thinking about a sauna – the heated rocks, wooden benches, and humid air. Whether they are placed indoors or outdoors, they are certain to bring an air of elegance to your home.

It takes between 30 and 40 minutes for a traditional sauna to heat up, and they can reach up to 185 degrees, or even more in some cases. Since it gets so hot, this kind of sauna is suited for people that are prepared to experience very high heat and moderate humidity. Don’t worry, however, your body temperature will not be raised much – saunas are a healthy way to relax, after all.

2. Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas produce a considerably deeper sweat than conventional steam saunas. Infrared sauna heat elevates the body's core temperature, while steam saunas just cause surface sweating. The energy waves from the infrared heater that reach your body are what truly heat you in an infrared sauna.

Some may argue that an infrared sauna is not a “real” sauna, because they are stuck on the image of a traditional sauna. However, we shouldn’t deny the advantages of innovation. The infrared sauna brings just as many benefits, while bringing added comfort and a modern feel to the home or backyard it is placed in.

As opposed to a traditional sauna, an infrared sauna may take as little as 15 or 20 minutes to heat. The temperature is also lower, only reaching between 114 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore it may be better suited for people who find the heat of traditional saunas a bit too much to handle. Given their way of operating, they also provide an easier-to-navigate user experience.

The light spectrum of an infrared sauna is an important element of your sauna experience. The healing effects of saunas that only have heaters that emit infrared waves near one end of the spectrum are reduced. Because each wavelength of infrared light offers varying degrees of skin permeation and light therapy, a full spectrum heater such as the ones offered by Medical Saunas is essential.

This implies that every time you use the sauna, you will experience even more health benefits in addition to a genuine increase in relaxation and well-being.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of using an infrared sauna, check out this video

3. Hybrid Saunas

This sauna is for people who want the best of both worlds without having to decide between infrared or traditional. It can be used as either of the two or as a combination.

Naturally, time to heat and temperature both depend on the type of heating you opt for.

Whether you are prepared to face higher heat and a bit of humidity or are craving dry, lower heat, you have to make no compromises when buying a sauna for the home if you are opting for a hybrid sauna.

4. Hot Yoga Sauna

If you are a hot yoga fan, and you would like the comfort of performing it in your own home, owning a sauna can make that easier for you. With a hot yoga sauna, you have plenty of space to perform your yoga exercises.

Depending on the amount of space you have, you can either buy a smaller sauna with a removable bench, or you can opt for one that can always accommodate your workout, without having to remove anything. These saunas can be either hybrid or infrared saunas – you choose the level of heat and humidity you wish to do your yoga in. 

Saunas can also be categorized into:

1. Indoor Saunas

If you have no backyard, or one that is too small to accommodate a sauna, indoor saunas are for you! With this type of sauna, you can decide to have it built directly into the infrastructure of the house, or freestanding.

With a sauna built into the infrastructure of the house, you can add a touch of luxury to your interior decor, while also enjoying plenty of sauna benefits. Seamlessly adding a sauna to your home’s infrastructure also means occupying less space.

Freestanding saunas, however, are easier to move around, if perhaps you are planning on moving houses and would like to bring your home sauna with you. Both of these indoor saunas present the benefit of requiring no extra electrical work, as your house already has a functional electrical system.

Moreover, your indoor sauna will not be affected by the weather, and neither will you. Rain or shine, your sauna will be just as comfortable to quickly jump into during the day or night.

Depending on the sauna size you want, it may or may not fit inside your house. If you are looking into purchasing a larger home sauna, then opting for an outdoor one may be a wiser choice for you.

2. Outdoor Saunas

Outdoor saunas bring the possibility of thinking bigger. Since they are not confined to your bathroom or your basement, you can opt for saunas that fit numerous people or a spacious hot yoga sauna.

Outdoor saunas are also an aesthetic element of your home. Having a beautiful wooden structure made from natural and high-quality North American timber, such as a Dundalk Sauna, can be a wonderful addition to your outdoor decor. Moreover, being physically closer to nature while having a sauna can further enhance the relaxing experience.

There are a few downsides to buying an outdoor sauna. Firstly, they are exposed to weather elements, which can be harmful to the sauna. However, this is not a cause for concern if you are purchasing a high-quality sauna (e.g. Dundalk or Medical Saunas), as they are specifically designed to withstand very cold or wet conditions, making them suitable even for the harshest of winters.

The weather may also bring discomfort to your experience, as you may have to walk out through rain or snow in order to use your sauna. However, some people use going from the sauna straight into the cold outside air, or even snow, as therapy – so you could use that to your advantage.

Secondly, the setup may prove to be a bit trickier than with an indoor sauna. Electrical wiring is likely to be necessary, no matter the type of sauna you decide on, so be mindful of that when choosing whether to install your sauna indoors or outdoors.

Purchasing a Home Sauna in 3 Steps

Wooden bench inside a sauna

Source: Pixabay


There are many home sauna options out there, but only some of them truly suit you. How do you decide on your final purchase?

Step 1: Choose the Best Sauna Option for Your Needs

What kind of sauna best benefits your needs? Do you prefer steamy saunas, or adapt better to dry heat and lower temperatures? All aspects should be taken into consideration when picking between the different types of saunas. 

We’ve listed in this guide a number of sauna benefits, and the different types of saunas that can help you achieve your goals. From medical and hot yoga saunas to traditional saunas meant for your relaxation, you have numerous options–all you have to do is make a choice depending on your priorities. 

Choosing between traditional, infrared, and hybrid is not the only choice you need to make. Keep in mind how many people will be using your sauna as well, because saunas come in different sizes!

Step 2: Figure Out Which Sauna Best Suits Your Home

Picking out a sauna for your home is an important task, and it shouldn’t be done without putting some thought into it. In order for your sauna experience to be the best it can be, your sauna has to fit seamlessly into your home. 

How much does your preferred home sauna cost, and how does that fit into your house decoration plans? While the saunas at Saunas and More are worth every penny, you need to make sure you aren’t cutting any corners when making space for your new home decor addition. 

If you have a spacious backyard, and you want to add an elegant element to it, outdoor saunas can be a great choice. If you also have the proper electrical wiring to accommodate your outdoor sauna, then you are good to go! All you need to do is choose between the wide variety of options on our website. 

Some may benefit more from an indoor sauna, in terms of occupied space and convenience. Covering the home sauna cost is not just about the sauna itself, but also about how you will integrate it into your house, and an indoor sauna may prove to be easier to install and manage for some. That being said, most home sauna kits are designed to be as easy as possible to install. 

Whatever your preferences are, make sure you ask all the necessary questions before settling on a home sauna option.

Step 3: Place Your Order and Assemble Your Kit

Once you’ve selected your favorite sauna, it’s time to place an order and get ready to enjoy your new home addition. However, there is one step left to discuss – assembly. 

Sauna kits are not as daunting as they may sound. In fact, building the sauna once the kit has been delivered feels like a small task when you think about all the benefits you will reap from owning your very own home sauna. 

Sauna kits are made up of pre-cut pieces and accompanied by assembly manuals, making the process as easy as possible. If your sauna is indoors, then it can be connected to your house’s electrical wiring, often using a standard wall socket, after installing the heater according to the instructions manual of your particular sauna. For an outdoor sauna, a connecting power cable from the house may be required if a suitable outdoor power source doesn’t exist already. 

Either way, after sauna kits are assembled, it’s important to employ the help of a professional electrician when it comes to electrical wiring. They will be better suited to follow the heater’s manual and ensure that the connection is done correctly, without endangering you or the sauna. 

The assembly of your sauna is a piece of cake if you follow the instruction manual, as you will learn by watching this video!

Other Home Additions That Compliment Your Sauna

Outdoor shower set among greenery

Source: Unsplash

 Depending on how much you are looking to add to your home in terms of aesthetics and relaxation benefits, there are other products you may want to add to your home or backyard in order to make your spa experience even more authentic. 

One such example is an outdoor shower to accompany your sauna. When coming out of the heat, there are few things as invigorating as jumping straight under a cold shower. However, feeling invigorated is not the only benefit this can bring! 

Cold showers provide a variety of advantages, including their capacity to boost blood circulation, alleviate sore muscles after exercise, strengthen the immune system, lower stress, and boost alertness. 

Users may notice an even wider range of advantages when they combine exposure to the heat from their sauna with the chilling touch of a cold shower, including improved circulation, muscular relaxation and recuperation, and a decrease in swelling, hypertension, and arthritic discomfort.

Create Your Personal Spa With Your Own Home Sauna

Lady in white towel sitting on sauna bench with legs pulled up

Source: Freepik 

It’s time to invest in health, wellness, and relaxation, and what better way to do so than getting a home sauna. 

Now that you know all there is to know about your home sauna options, all that is left is to check out the wide variety that Saunas and More offers, and pick the best one for you.

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